A Science Fiction Rock Opera

Written in the 1970s by a teenge girl

Synopsis: After a future war kills almost everyone, a woman reprograms an android to be her boyfriend.


1. Intro: What Happened? (Cain/Putt)
2. Made to Order (Cain)
3. Battle Clones (Cain/Putt)
4. Nonstop City (Cain/Putt/Penner-Howell)
5. Android Factory (Cain/Putt)
6. I Heard the Explosion (Cain)
7. Tribute to Science (Cain/Putt)
8. Radiation (Cain/Putt)
9. Humanized Steel (Cain/Putt)
10. The Android’s New Soul (Cain)
11. FDASS (Funky Disco Android Sex Song) (Penner-Howell/Putt)
12. A Real Man (Cain)
13. Mutation Blues (Putt)
14. Flexible Guy (Cain)
15. Mutant (Cain)
16. Trapped on the Throne of the World (Cain)
17. Am I Alone? (Cain/Putt)
18. Happy Monthiversary (Cain)
19. Ghosts (Midnight Thunder) (Cain)
20. Please (Cain)
21. A Real Android (Cain)
 22. Epitaph: What Happened? (Cain/Putt)

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