Fairyland Guest Application

June 10-11, 2023

Location Information

  • Clement Park
  • 7306 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123 US

Calling All Fairy Cosplayers!

We're inviting the region's most charming fairies to this year's Unicorn Festival, to participate in our exciting new FAIRYLAND attraction!  The Unicorn Festival attracts 10,000+ people a year now!

What we offer:

  • Covered tent area to protect you from the elements.  You can be stationary, or wander the festival - but you'll always have a home base in Fairyland!
  • Tables and chairs, as needed.
  • Promotion and social media links on our highly-trafficked www.unicornfestivalcolorado.com site!
  • THOUSANDS of potential new fans and followers! We'll have signage in Fairyland with your info and links!

What we want from you:

  • Family-friendly presentation
  • At least 2,000 current followers on social media
  • Small, inexpensive giveaways to our attendees is a plus!
  • Great photo of your fairy character to use on our website and social media to promote your appearance!
  • Attend all day, both days, or let us know your hours. We'll promote your appearance accordingly!

Fairy Cosplay Guest Application

We will have large, shared tent areas for our fairies in Fairyland, but check here if you prefer to bring your own branded tent.

Terms of Agreement

Unicorn Festival in Clement Park, Littleton CO:   

Saturday June 10-11, 2023 

10:00 am - 5:00 pm each day

Fairyland Set-up:

Friday - 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Saturday 7:00 - 9:30 am

Sunday - You may enter at 9:00 am and replenish your area with hand carts. No driving in.

Tear-Down is Sunday, 5:00pm. 


- Dana Cain Events is not liable for any injury or loss incurred by exhibitors.

- No electricity is available.  If required, you'll need to bring a QUIET generator. Loud generators will be fined $500 onsite, or you may be asked to leave without refund.

- Vehicles must stay on the pavement and are not allowed on grassy areas.


More information at www.unicornfestivalcolorado.com


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